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Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith

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About Me

Educational History:

Hughes High School 1998

Univeristy of Central Arkansas 2007

Arkansas State University 2016

Degrees and Certifications:

Associate of Arts in General Education

Associate of Arts in Middle Level Teaching

Bachelor's of Science in Middle Level Teaching

Master's Degree in Educational Leadership (soon to be completed in 2016)

Master's Degree in Special Education k-12 (soon to be completed in 2016)


Current Position:

Taught at Marion Jr High from 2007 to 2011.

Taught at Bergman Middle School from 2011 to 2013.

Taught at Harrison Middle School from 2013 to 2015

Taught at Marion Middle School from 2015 until present.

Family Information:

I am married to Ryan Smith.  I have two daughters, Cory and Amy Collins.  Cory did attend Marion for several years, and graduated from Bergman High School in 2014.  Amy attends school in Marion now.

We have two dogs, Holly and Ella.

Personal Information:

I love doing just about anything outdoors.   I grew up with an older brother, a neighborhood full of boys, and uncles who all treated me like one of the guys and allowed me to tag along with their adventures.  I have so many things that I like to do that I rarely find myself bored. This includes rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and canoeing when I am near an area to do it.   I love fishing and running nets/trotlines on the river.  I have developed a passion for deer and duck hunting. I love camping, snorkeling, swimming, geocaching, riding fourwheelers, and playing in the mud.  I dont mind cleaning and enjoy cooking.  I love to do vinyasa and bikram yoga, and really miss my groups in Harrison.  I travel just about every chance I get and have visited ten different countries so far.

Crystal Smith

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